Welcome on VMX Service

Welcome on VMX Service

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Thursday 20th May, a national holiday so we will be closed that day.


Due to corona measures all over the world, some items may have a longer delivery time when out of stock. Thank you for understanding and stay safe!


Thank you all for 2019 and lets continu in 2020! Wishing you a good and sportive 2020  in good health. Also thanks for your patience during our period with computer/e-mail issues, some things are still backed due to this but should be resolved soon.





 UPDATE: to handle the e-mail/computer problems; a whole new computer system and according softwaren has been installed. That should have taken care of the problems for the future.



 Unfortunately, our e-mail problems seem to contiue a little longer. It is being worked on, thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvience.


UFO plastic kits for various brands now with revised LOWER prices!!



The legend is back Preston Petty, several models in stock.

Preston Petty logo




New lower prices for UFO plastic kits for Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki!

save money on plastcs by ordering plastic kits! 

Attention: it seems not all mail is coming through, if you suspect this is the case with your mail then please send a copy to  sory for the inconvenience!


Also check out aur clearance section, maybe there is something you can use.


On the site you will find parts we supply for dirtbikes, especially aircooled/watercooled evo/pre90/pre95  so  untill the years 1995 (about).

Since we ride Twinshock Maico, we consider this our main brand and we stock a lot of parts for these models. Even more then listed here on the site! From pistons, gears and other parts to just keep riding, to the bling billet parts, as well as brandnew 81 490 reedvalve cylinders and homemade 1981 frames.

we can supply .....

However should you need parts for modern MX bikes and/or new original parts for the 4 Japanese brands, then you are at the right place also. Either New Old Stock or simply to order from the brands directly. Send us partnumbers and you will receive a quote.

Started in 2001, and still the range is steadily expanding and new products are being developed.