A small introduction:

Name: Jeroen Wijlens, active in the Twinshock class since '98.

Active with motorsport in general since about 1997, starting fairly late on a Honda XR400. The XR was traded for a Yamaha WR400f in 2000. This was sold in 2002 and replaced with a Husaberg FX470e which I still own today.

The first "steps" in the classic scene were encouraged by family, who were Maico importers up to about '84-'85. It started with a 1976 Maico MC400 en during the season it was replaced with a 1978 Maico 440. The engine was taken and built in a 1981 chassis and after a while I just had to get a "big" 490 in it. But the fact that capacatiy isn't everything was clear pretty soon after that. So now I ride a modified 250 reed engine which now has 400cc!

2009 was a fun year; riding a 2-day enduro with the 400cc Maico. Very, very bad weather, bad physical condition bad went ok untill the ignition quit about 1 lap before the end..... I hope to do some more classic enduro in the future.

A great part of the hobby is just that; modifying and trying stuff; big-bore 250's, building reed cilinders are a few things. Soon several other projects will see the light but lack of time has prevented it so far.I hope you enjoys the site and find what you are looking for, if not; just send me an  e-mail and maybe I can help anyway.

Wanted: NOS sparts for 1988-1990 Husaberg, for complete rebuild!

Company info (visit by appointment, do not use as return shipping adress):

VMX-Service ,  Jeroen Wijlens
De Reulver  69
7544 RT Enschede
The Netherlands 0031-53-4316460
VAT-number: NL001945362B24
Chamber of Commerce: 08098399
For international payments by banktransfer, please use following data:
IBAN: NL65ABNA0598710841
In name off:  VMX Service,  Enschede-Holland
With payment, include the invoice IN (Identification Number) or other description.
Please note that VMX-Service and all activities as DEP and Cemoto are internet orientated and therefore mail and fax are prefered methods of contacting us, We try to answer mail within 1-2 days.  when calling please keep in mind the different time zones and call from 15.00 PM (CET)!! When visiting, please call or e-mail first to make sure we are at the shop when you want to see us.


Best regards, Jeroen Wijlens